Wondershare Media Library for Mac

An expert to help you organize, catalog your DVD collections and build your own DVD library on Mac, with it you can retrieve DVD info and reviews from Amazon, and remark your DVD status as seen, haven’t seen, bought, lent.

Many of us are fond of DVD movies, with buying numbers of

DVD discs, our living rooms are starting to look like

overstocked video stores. But Wondershare Media Library for

Mac can save you from heavy DVD organization task. With it

you can organize, catalog your DVD collections and build

your own DVD library on Mac very easily.

Key Features:

1. This is for both commercial and homemade DVDs on Mac.

Just enter movie title to retrieve DVD info from Internet or

fill in DVD information manually; your DVD will be collected

in this DVD library with entire information.

2. Save your time and shelf from organizing large DVD

collection. You don’t need to take hours even days to

catalog DVDs, while it only takes you 1 minute to add a DVD

in your DVD library for quick organization.

3. You can know quickly and visually which DVDs you own, how

many of them, in case of duplicate purchases. You are also

allowed to remark DVD status such as having seen or not,

lent or not, and bought or not, to keep a perfect insurance

list. All DVD status can be cataloged by a filter. Besides,

you can edit DVD information, add your won ranking, reviews

and remark who and when has borrowed it.

4. Automatically catalog your DVDs by Actors, Genres, Years,

and Directors, to let you know your collections better.

5. Easily search and find the hottest and new released

movies from Amazon to add to your library. Pretty and

simplified user interface make operation easier than ever.

6.You can import the DVD list as PDF files for portable

devices or printing, keep the DVD information at hand.


System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6



Last updated:

2012-02-13 01:02:27


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