TotalQuery 1.00

Updated : 2010-05-06 07:09:18
Size : 2.99MB
Platform : Windows /
TotalQuery Screenshot

TotalQuery is a professional database sql query tool designed to make it easier to read, write and update data to all your databases.

It delivers a broad range of functions and features that will help you to run multiple queries at the same time whilst being kept informed of what the connected databases are doing. Navigating the results is easy through an Excel styled grid/report view, which enables you to sort results without requerying the database and copying results to the clipboard for use in TotalQuery and any other applications.

- Connect to any OLEDB database and ODBC supported database (via OLEDB-ODBC bridge)
- Works great with all versions of Oracle and Sql Server and any other oledb enabled database.
- Multi-tasking - Run many queries at the same time
- Cancel running queries easily through a menu option
- Easily navigate the different objects of your database including tables, view, stored procedures, and indexes
- Multi-tasking/multi-threaded. Navigate remote databases and continue with other tasks whilst information is being retrieved
- Refresh any part of the tree it view new objects
- Drag and drop object labels from the explorer and onto your query documents. For example add the name of a table to your query
- Connect to as many servers as needed and all at the same time. Each server is presented as a unique folder
- Sort table data without needing to requery the database. With a click of the mouse ascending or descending sort any result column
- Copy any selected data to the clipboard for use in other queries or applications
- View database notifications and notices through a dedicated message window. The message window is available to help understand when queries went well or errored and what information the database provided.

See CoderTools website for more details.