SpyPhone Software|Call Interceptor

Mobile Spy software for listening of room conversations, incoming and outgoing call interception,mobile phone tracking,spy sms messages.Spy phone software installs directly to your mobile phone

ALL-in-ONE Spy Software Overview :

*Receive both incoming and outgoing sms messages

*Track cell phone of your spouse or girlfriend and use it as cell phone tracker - Mobile phone tracking is now within your reach!

*Dial in and listen to surrounding area

*Instant sms alert when the target phone is switched on

*Time and date stamping

*Instant SMS alert when the target phone receives an incoming call

*SMS alert shows landline, mobile or international number calling in

*Instant SMS notification when the target phone dials an outgoing call

*SMS notification shows landline, mobile number being called

*Dial in and intercept BOTH sides of target phone conversation

*Covers all GSM networks - spy gsm phones!

*Modify pre-defined number on SMS spy command

*Change stealth mode on SMS spy command

*Remote activate/de-activate of Spyphone features on SMS commands

*Remote activation/de-activation of Call Conferencing feature on SMS command

*Remote activation/de-activation of SMS Interception feature on SMS command

*Remote activation/de-activation of Boot/SIM change feature on SMS command

*Remote activation/de-activation of sms alerts on SMS command

*Send SMS command to reboot target phone

*Send SMS command to completely uninstall spy software

*No logging of forwarded SMS messages

*No logging of pre-defined number

*Intelligent auto delete feature in All-in-One Spy Software

*Completely hidden mobile spy software

*Bullet proof reliability, 100% undetectable

more details at www.thespytools.com

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System Requirements:

BlackBerry, Handheld/Mobile Other, iPhone, Symbian, WinMobile, WinXP, Other



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