Smart Quote Organizer

The ideal database for collecting, organizing and viewing aphorisms and quotations. Includes quote management, author management, subject management, language management, import/export magament, random slide show and web sites management.

Smart Quote Organizer (SQO) is the ideal database for collecting, organizing and viewing aphorisms and quotations. 

All information is contained in one Microsoft Access 2000 database (however, you don't need to install Access 2000). 

Separate windows exist for the main functions of the program:

- Quote management

- Author management 

- Subject management 

- Language management (any number of languages can be configured)

- Import management (including bulk import and sequence randomization)

- Export management

- Random slide show (full screen viewing of filtered quotes)

- Web site management (links to your favorite quotations web sites)

The information for each quote includes: text, author, subject, language, rating, notes and unique reference key. Quotes can be filtered using a combination of criteria (string in quote, string in note, author, subject, language, rating). Quotes are normally shown in a continuously changing random order, unless you select the order you prefer (e.g. by author, subject, rating etc.). 

The information for each author includes: name, notes, picture, quotes quantity. You can link each author to a different picture of your choice, which will appear when a quote of that author is displayed.

Data can be exported in various text formats and reimported in the same or other SQO installations.

The database comes populated with many quotes from various authors 

and in different languages (over 600 quotes in English, over 1000 in Italian 

and some in French, German ad Spanish). Of course you can delete 

the quotes you do not want to keep. The user interface, however, is available only in English


System Requirements:

Win98, WinXP



Last updated:

2012-08-30 19:17:59


Bruno Cancellieri


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