Sfairadora is a flexible tool for creating small databases. Use it where a spreadsheet is too clumsy and standard databases too big. It can create tables with sub-tables, group table by a column, create text output, export to HTML and other things.

If you feel that a spreadsheet is somewhat clumsy to manipulate your data, while developing a regular database would be overkill, you may like to try out Sfairadora. Sfairadora has been developed to make managing small databases, like list of your CD, books, customers, easy. Its aim is not to perform millions of transaction per second, but rather to be handy and flexible when working with smaller amount of data. In an intuitive way, you can group table by a column, create table with sub-tables (like list of customers with a list of orders for each individual customer), add computed columns, display summary information, filter tables in a query-by-example manner and perform other operations. A specific filtering, grouping and other manipulations made on a table can be stored as a view, which is then updated accordingly to changes made to the original table. In a similar way, a text output for a table can be created automatically and eventually further edited with a built-in word processor, exported to an external one or to HTML. Most of the operations can be done just by mouse clicking and dragging.

More advanced users can find useful to control programmatically all the operations described above, which makes Sfairadora a suitable tool for quick creation of simple applications. For this purpose, Sfairadora contains powerful instruments for designing custom dialog windows and tools, a language to create formatted text templates and a language to write simple programs. Normally, all these things are generated automatically for the user, so that, in standard circumstances, no sophisticated user intervention is needed, yet allowing advanced users to modify standard results to accommodate their specific needs.


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WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win2000, WinServer, Win98



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