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Updated : 2011-05-05 03:35:26
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Professional Horizontal Text Zoom Menu Screenshot

Professional Horizontal Text Zoom Menu

This is probably the most feature rich zoom text menus with scroll available for purchase today.

Please view all the six demo examples and keep in mind all we changed were the XML settings and the font, that's all !

With over 150 XML Settings, highly optimized code, AS2 and AS3 versions, tons of features, auto-play, mouse and slider scrolling this is the only zoom scroller you'll ever need, it can even be used as a news ticker.

This product can be used within your flash project or stand alone embedded in your html site.

Don't get scared by the amount of settings, once you download it you'll see that it's very easy to use and edit and every setting is clearly explained in the help file. Easy to use for beginners and an amazingly powerful tool for advanced users !

Main Features & Highlights
- You get both AS2 and AS3 versions of the product so you can use it in any project
- Over 150 XML Settings, you can pretty much control everything from the XML without any need to edit in Flash
- You can have multiline text items like demo #6
- You can use multiple fonts in the same swf with different settings (like our demo for ex.)
- Ability to have advanced effects on both the hover item and the other items (for ex. make the hover item larger and sharper and at the same time make all the others smaller, blurred and desaturated)
- Ability to have multiple types of actions, like opening urls, control flash movie clips, javascript calls, even create/use your own click functions with ease.
- Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian etc. (it can display all the common special characters)
- Autoplay with multiple options
- Both the main text and the tooltip text are HTML Formatted and this gives you the ability to style it however you want, use colors, bold, italic etc. (even small images)