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Postage $aver is a low-cost software package that makes it easy for you to prepare postal bulk mailings and save money on postage. USPS-certified. Computes postage discounts, including nonprofit. Prints postal forms, tray/sack tags. Adds barcodes.

Postage $aver Pro and Postage $aver Lite are low-cost software packages that make it easy for you to prepare postal bulk mailings and save money on postage. Postage $aver sorts addresses by tray or sack for quick preparation of your mailing; fills out and prints required postage statement and mailing reports; automatically prints barcoded tray tags or sack tags; and, prints easy-to-follow instructions for assembling each mailing. Plus, Postage $aver Pro adds "full-service" Intelligent Mail barcodes. Use full-service barcodes on all of your bulk mailings and USPS will waive your annual mailing fee, a $240 annual savings! Use Postage $aver to prepare Marketing Mail (commercial and nonprofit), First Class, Periodicals and Bound Printed Matter. User-friendly - Learn how to use it in just minutes. Complete user guide and screen-by-screen help included. PAVE-certified for accuracy by the U. S. Postal Service. If your post office questions the way you have prepared your mailing, we'll help you find and correct the problem. Works with all standard spreadsheet and database formats, including Excel, Access, dBase, Filemaker Pro, and most others, so you save time and money and don't have to re-enter your list. And Postage $aver is backed by more than 25 years experience helping mailers successfully prepare bulk mailings!


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Win7 x32, Windows 8, Windows 10



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2020-05-18 19:15:26


Postage Saver Software


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