POLARIS is an up-to-date information system supporting companies and people in effective information sharing and management in an easy and flexible way.

POLARIS features:

-Friendly user interface

-Capability to configure data structure and its presentation in application

-Capability to create optional links between various lists

-Registration of multi-level hierarchy for all lists

-Capability to define additional list and additional fields in all lists

-Administrative definitions of lists views, dictionaries and business rules

-User-created reports

-Categorization of records with lookup lists and keywords

-Capability to add notes (texts, pictures, symbols, tables etc) to all records

-Capability to assign electronic documents (files, folders) to all records allowing fast access to files

-Intuitive tools for cataloguing and instant search of information

-Comfortable information exchange with MS Office, including:

1 data export (single and multiple lists or queries) to MS Excel (“XLS” files)

2 data import from MS Excel files (“XLS”), simplifying initial migration of data to POLARIS

3 automated generation of serial documents based on user-defined MS Office templates fed with POLARIS data

4exchange of contacts, events and tasks with MS Outlook

-Activities and documents reminder

-Mail merge based on user-defined text, MS Word and MS Excel templates fed with POLARIS data

-Registration of all operations and data

-Built-in user authorization system

-Database management module, allowing to create, register, delete databases, change of database authorization, define backup creation rules and many other – all in easy-to-use interface.

-Off-line work capability, with later data synchronization with central database

POLARIS was configured to serve as:

-central system supporting everyday work of offices and secretariats

-CRM system

-contacts management system for embassies

-registry of scientific publications

-work-time registration system

-registry of medical tests results with advanced analysis capabilities

-advertising agency system

-registry of CV for personal advisory and HR recruitment


System Requirements:

Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003



Last updated:

2010-05-06 06:19:35


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