Philips DVD+RW-D028 firmware 1.68

Updated : 2010-07-03 14:34:27
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Platform : Windows /
Philips DVD+RW-D028 firmware Screenshot

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3D Surround No
Dolby digital decoder No Indicates if there is an on-board Dolby
Digital Decoder .
Dolby Digital - A sound format that probably will become the
standard regarding multi-channel sound. Other formats include Dol
DTS decoder No
Progressive scan Yes (NTSC/PAL) Indicates that the DVD player is
capable of processing and outputting progressive scan images via
the progressive scan component video output. Progressive scan
images look more film-like and is less s ...
3:2 Pulldown No In conjunction with the progressive scan feature,
"3:2 pulldown" means that the DVD player is capable of performing
the de-interlacing with logic to convert film-based material's
original 24 frames pr ... More info
Type Home player Indicates whether the model is portable or a home
Built-In hard drive No Shows if there is a built-in hard drive.
That means that you can record film, images or music.
Recordable No If its recordable then it can record DVDs.
Built-in VCR Yes Indicates whether or not the player has a built in
Changer No Indicates whether or not the model is a CD/DVD
THX certified No
Multi-Region No Multi-Region means that the DVD player can play DVD
discs from all over the world, not just discs from one region.
Colour Silver
Compatible formats
MP3 support Yes Shows if the DVD player can play music in MP3
CD-R support Yes
DVD-R playback Yes
DVD-RW playback Yes
HDCD support No
SACD support No Super Audio CD is the next generation of audio
disc, offering full-range, uncompressed digital multi-channel
surround sound. SACD can also be backward compatible using so
called hybrid discs with an e ...
VCD support Yes Shows if the DVD player supports VCD format.
DivX support Yes
SVCD support Yes Shows if the DVD player supports SVCD format.
DVD-Audio support No Indicates that the DVD player is capable of
playing back the new DVD-Audio format. DVD-Audio is a super high
resolution audio only format, featuring 6-channel surround sound.
DVD-Audio playback requir ...
5.1ch decoded out No Required for DVD-Audio and SACD players, as
well as DVD players with either Dolby Digital or DTS built-in
decoding. This type of connection requires three pairs of stereo
RCA interconnects