Neuron Activity Simulator

English: Nas simulates and displays electric potential at each EEG electrodes positions It displays 3D views of the head, electric potential and neural activity. Francais: Francais: Cette application simule et affiche en 3D la difference de potentiel

Neuron activity simulator is oriented towards professional, students and researchers. It's designed to be intuitive (No learning curve), all what you need is on one screen. In just few mouse clicks you can specify your experiment head model and visualizes your Electric potential (graph or/and data). Nas is regularly updated with most recent algorithms from scientific publication and from experts feedback (researchers, students in biomedical engineering, neurosciences and for EEG and tMS/tDCS technicians). All future upgrades are free ! Features: 1- Nas displays in real times user's neural activity (dipole moment and position) and simulated electrical potential. Numerical values at each electrode can also be saved in text editable file 2-Inter-hemispheric view, slicing plans, zoom +/-, 3-Axis (Jean Talairach axis or Cartesian), Anatomic layers view (MG, CSF, Skull, and Scalp), 4-Sensors systems. 5-Algorithm uses you input in real time to: Calculate and display electric potential on you 3D head model. Display 10-20 electrode system and electric potential for each electrode (or files save). Neural activity (dipole position and moment) is configurable and its electric potential displayed in real time. All EEG forward problem parameters are configurable. Corresponding electrical potential is re-calculated and displayed in real time. Example off configurable parameters: 1-Radius and conductivity for each shell (Skull, CSF, Gray mater, Scalp). 2-Model accuracy (infinite summation). 3-Sensor system. Installation details: To install the application you will need a 16 digits activation key. If you don't have one please contact MedPis support. 1- Download "". 2- Unzip (or Extract the self-install "Nas.exe"). 3- Run "Nas.exe" and follow installation instructions. 4- To start the application click on Nas icon on your desktop and enter your Key code. Francais: pour plus de details en fraincais SVP contacter JL au site MedPis.


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