MusicDNA Search

MusicDNA Search for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

MusicDNA Search for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

The MusicDNA. Search is an intuitive and user-friendly music search and recommendation engine designed to easily access and explore huge music libraries. It.s a .must have . music search tool for digital music stores, online music retailers and music streaming services to improve the overall customer experience and increase revenue from often idle back list catalogues.

With the fast growing volume in music catalogues, standard music search engines, limited to artist, song and genre search, are clearly outdated and not equipped to address the diversity within many common music collections. Heavily promoted low margin titles are dominating the sales charts as long as the end users are not empowered to make their own sound choices and to easily access the music they want.

MusicDNA. Search provides a totally new and expanded search experience for music fans. Advanced search capabilities allow the user to find music according to mood, a similar song, artist, album or extensive music parameters like instrument density , music color or energy level, MusicDNA. Search will find the songs the end user wants and recommend music they may have never heard of.

How does it work? The MusicDNA. Analyzer analyzes music in a complex, but fully automated process and creates extensive and consistent metadata for every single track in a music catalogue. This metadata can be combined with any transactional data and is the base for MusicDNA. Search.

With our Plug & Play solution, a full integration of MusicDNA. Search into any music service is extremely cost and resource efficient. Customizable embedded Flash or Java based search bars connected to our MusicDNA. Webservice will upgrade the music discovery experience of your music service. Alternatively a MusicDNA. Search SDK can be provided for highly customized in-house solutions.


System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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2010-05-02 16:33:47


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