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Mendeley is a free, award-winning, academic reference manager and web solution for managing and sharing research papers, creating bibliographies, discovering new research trends and collaborating online.

Mendeley is a free, award-winning, academic reference manager and web solution designed for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online.

Feature highlights:

• Create your personal bibliographic database using Mendeley's automatic extraction of document details and cited references from PDFs, as well as automatic retrieval of additional information from CrossRef, PubMed, ArXiv, etc.

• Read, full-text search, annotate, and highlight your PDF research papers in Mendeley's integrated PDF viewer.

• Synchronize your bibliographic database across multiple machines, share it with colleagues, manage it online, or embed bibliographies on blogs and websites.

• Quickly cite your papers in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer and create bibliographies with a single click.

• Capture citations from websites using Mendeley's cross-browser Web Importer

Mendeley's features:

• Free and interdisciplinary.

• Mendeley Desktop runs on Windows, Mac and Linux; Mendeley Web works with all major web browsers.


• Automatic extraction of document details from PDF research papers on your computer.

• Synchronize your digital library with your private Mendeley Web account and across multiple computers.

• Manage your private article library online.

• Full-text search across all your research papers.

• Playlist-like organization of your library, smart filtering and tagging of references.

• Read, add sticky notes, and highlight your research papers in Mendeley's PDF viewer.

• Automatic PDF file renaming and sorting via Mendeley's file organizer.

• Create and insert citations and bibliographies in Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Writer.

• Web Importer that allows easy capturing of citations from web pages like PubMed, ArXiv, Google Scholar, ISI Web of Knowledge, and SpringerLink, among others.

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System Requirements:

Linux, Linux Gnome, Mac OS X, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP


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