Leadtek GeForce A6600GT TDH CD

Leadtek GeForce A6600GT TDH CD 9.2 for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 support

Ensures top-notch compatibility and performance for all DirectX 9

applications, including Shader Model 3.0 titles.

AGP 8X support

Provides double the bandwidth of AGP


vs. 1.1GB/sec. AGP 8X enables more complex models and detailed

textures, creating richer and more lifelike environments.

Uninterrupted data flow allows for smoother video streaming and

faster more seamless gameplay.

High-speed GDDR3 memory interface

Support for high-speed GDDR3 memory delivers fluid frame rates for

even the most advanced games and applications.

NVIDIA CineFX 3.0 engine

Powers the next generation of cinematic realism. Full support for

Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 enables stunning

and complex special effects. Next-generation shader architecture

delivers faster and smoother game play.

NVIDIA UltraShadow II technology

Enhances the performance of bleeding-edge games, like id


Doom III, that feature complex scenes with multiple light sources

and objects. Second-generation technology delivers more than 4x the

shadow processing power over the previous generation.

NVIDIA Intellisample 3.0 technology



fastest antialiasing delivers ultra-realistic visuals, with no

jagged edges, at lightning-fast speeds. Visual quality is taken to

new heights through a new rotated grid sampling pattern.

NVIDIA PureVideo technology

Turns your PC into a high-end home theater in stunning high

definition with crystal-clear pictures, and the ability to enhance

videos to full resolution in high detail. (Feature requires

supported video software.)

Adaptable programmable video processor

PureVideo's programmable technology adapts to new video encoding

formats as they are developed to provide a future-proof video


Advanced motion adaptive de-interlacing

Smoothes video and DVD playback on progressive displays to deliver

a crisp, clear picture that rivals high-end home theater systems.

(Feature requires supported video software.)

Video scaling and filtering

High-quality scaling and filtering technology delivers a clear,

clean image at any window size, including full-screen HDTV


Integrated HDTV encoder

Provides world-class HDTV-out functionality up to and including

1920x1080i resolutions.

Video color correction

Color temperature correction makes actors' faces appear natural,

rather than washed out and pale, when playing videos on LCD and CRT

displays. Display gamma correction ensures videos are not too dark,

overly bright, or washed out regardless of the video format or

display. (Feature requires supported video software.)

NVIDIA ForceWare Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)

Delivers rock-solid forward and backward compatibility with

software drivers. Simplifies upgrading to a new NVIDIA product or

driver because all NVIDIA products work with the same driver


NVIDIA nView multi-display technology

Advanced technology provides the ultimate in viewing flexibility

and control for multiple monitors.

NVIDIA Digital Vibrance Control 3.0 technology

Allows the user to adjust color controls digitally to compensate

for the lighting conditions of their workspace, in order to achieve

accurate, bright colors in all conditions.

OpenGL 1.5 optimizations and support

Ensures top-notch compatibility and performance for all OpenGL


Do use the latest driver version available, it will help you use

the facilities of your hardware easier and better. An old version

can create hardware conflicts and errors in function. Try to stay

updated with your drivers monthly or sometimes weekly. Chose wisely

the specific drivers: motherboards driver, bios, graphic cards

drivers, modem drivers and so on. Chose the right driver for your

hardware and try to make backups of your system every time you want

to make a change.


System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP



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2010-07-03 15:13:33




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