Iriver iFP-700/780/790/795/799 Firmware

Iriver iFP-700/780/790/795/799 Firmware 1.95 for Windows XP/Vista

FP-700 Series Firmware V1.95

(MSC version)


-. This is This is iFP-700(780/790/795/799) V1.95 (MSC version) enabling you to use your iFP player as a hard drive.


-. After firmware upgrade, it will be delayed to display track information after displaying "Total XXX" for stability.

-. Please read " How to Upgrade Firmware (From Manager version)/ (From MSC version)" before downloading.


-. Upgrades from the Manager version to the MSC version, will delete all your data saved within the player during the firmware upgrade process.

-. Please format the player on Windows only. Other OS can't format the player properly.

-. If your system is Windows 98, you will need to install "Windows 98 MSC Driver ".


What's New:

-.Modify the malfunction in the condition of setting "Hold"

How to upgrade firmware(iFP Series & N Series)

N10, iFP-1000 Series, iFP-900 Series, iFP-800 Series, iFP-700 Series, iFP-500 Series, iFP-300 Series, iFP-100 Series

Before the Firmware Upgrade, please read below instruction carefully!

1. Check your player's firmware version which is shown when you power on the player. If the latest firmware version is currently on your player, you do not have to upgrade. Do not disconnect the USB cable, turn off the unit, or remove the battery during firmware upgrade.

2. Check the Free Space indicator in iriver Music Manager to ensure you have enough free space on your player for the firmware upgrade. If there is not an enough free space available, please make more space by deleting some stored files.

* Note : This firmware upgrade procedure is based on the iFP-180T. Except for the file name,

the steps are the same for the all iFP Series.

1. Please download the firmware file to your desktop at DOWNLOAD section.

2. After downloading the firmware file, please uncompress the file.You will get ".hex file".

3. Now, turn on your flash player and connect the player to your PC via the USB cable,

then open 'iriver Music Manager '.

4. In iriver Music Manager, Go to Tools -> Firmware Upgrade in the menu

5. After selecting 'Firmware upgrade', the Open box appears prompting you to open the upgrade file from the desktop (where you saved it.)

< Choose 'iFP-1xxt.hex' file and click Open.>

6. Your Flash Player will recognize the upgrade file(hex file) and start to upgrade.

During the upgrade, the window below will pop up.

7. When the upgrade is finished, your flash player will power off automatically.

Click 'OK' and make sure that the firmware version has been changed by using

Firmware information on Help menu.

(The player should be connected to the PC with a USB cable while you check the firmware version information.)

Or you can confirm it on the screen of remote when you power on the player.

When iFP is automatically powered off after firmware upgrade, below window may apprears

on Windows 2000/ XP or other O/S.


System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista



Last updated:

2010-06-11 17:01:23




File name:

File size:






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