Gigabyte GA-TRS350MT F

Gigabyte GA-TRS350MT F 8 for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

The GA-8TRS350MT is the best value-oriented P4 platform with its

excellent performance and impressive features. Powered by the

latest ATI 9100 Pro IGP chipsets along with Gigabyte's unique

technologies, the GA-8TRS350MT delivers a new architecture to boost

system performance. The new framework supports dual channel DDR

400, AGP 8X and Intel Pentium 4 800MHz FSB 3GHz+ processor with

Hyper-Threading Technology. The P4 Titan GA-8TRS350MT contains an

integrated graphics core, the 9100 Pro IGP, based on the Radeon

9200. Inherent to the 9100 Pro IGP are 3D features that provide

astounding visual imagery as well as enhance the overall multimedia

experience. The GA-8TRS350MT also provides a variety of features

such as Serial ATA, 8 USB 2.0 ports, 6-channel audio, 10/100Mbps

network connection, and high speed ATA133 interface. The

GA-8TRS350MT delivers the best all-in-one solution and fulfills the

requirements for a full range of applications today and for the



Supports 800MHz FSB IntelPentium4 Processor with HT Technology

New generation Dual Channel DDR400 architecture support

Integrated ATi Radeon 9100 Pro IGP based on Radeon 9200 GFX

Integrated TV-out function

Integrated Serial-ATA interface with RAID 0, 1 function

Supports AGP 8x interface for outstanding graphics performance

Supports triple view with additional ATi graphic card

Integrated 10/100 Network Connection

Provides 8 USB 2.0 ports for high-speed connectivity

Do use the latest driver version available, it will help you use

the facilities of your hardware easier and better. An old version

can create hardware conflicts and errors in function. Try to stay

updated with your drivers monthly or sometimes weekly. Chose wisely

the specific drivers: motherboards driver, bios, graphic cards

drivers, modem drivers and so on. Chose the right driver for your

hardware and try to make backups of your system every time you want

to make a change.


System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP



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2010-07-01 16:05:25




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