Gigabyte GA-I915P Duo Pro F6 8

Updated : 2010-07-01 16:04:56
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GA-8I915P Duo Pro member of GIGABYTE PX series skillfully designed
with pack of features and dedicated to satisfying the needs of
platform performance to the extreme. Experience next-generation
processing with the latest LGA 775 Intel Pentium 4 Processor with
Hyper-Threading Technolgy! The GA-8I915P Duo Pro supports both DDR
& DDR2 main memory providing a more flexible memory usage and
ready for future memory upgrades.
The GA-8I915P Duo Pro provides an broad range of peripheral
connections by offering IEEE 1394a and USB 2.0 for high-speed data
transfer, and high speed Serial ATA for connection of storage
devices. The GA-8I915P Duo Pro also offers multimedia advancements
through PCI-Express for outstanding graphics output, doubling that
of the current AGP8X interface. For improved networking, Gigabit
LAN provides LAN connection at a blazing fast network connection
speed of up to 1, 000 Mbps.
Along with top-notch hardware is the addition of the GIGABYTE
Shieldware. Shieldware includes 8 unique software feature elements
that are easy to use and focused on making computing both simple
and straightforward. Finally to round off the GA-8I915P Duo Pro is
home theater-quality sound with your PC using Intel High Definition
Audio for enhanced multi-channel audio, improved voice and
communication input, and multi-streaming capability.
Supports LGA775 Intel Pentium 4 processor FSB800 with HT
Supports Dual Channel DDR2 and DDR memory architecture
Features PCI-Express interface Gigabit Ethernet connection
Features PCI-Express x1, Serial-ATA, and IEEE1394 interfaces
Features ATA133 interface with RAID 0, RAID1
Features the new generation 7.1 channel Intel High Definition
Do use the latest driver version available, it will help you use
the facilities of your hardware easier and better. An old version
can create hardware conflicts and errors in function. Try to stay
updated with your drivers monthly or sometimes weekly. Chose wisely
the specific drivers: motherboards driver, bios, graphic cards
drivers, modem drivers and so on. Chose the right driver for your
hardware and try to make backups of your system every time you want
to make a change.