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Blue Cat's Stereo Parametr'EQ 3.52

... worlds, in stereo!" - Blue Cat's Stereo Parametr'EQ is a 7 bands parametric stereo equalizer ... of the analog and digital worlds in stereo. This stereo plug-in enables you to ... . If you are looking for a stereo widening/narrowing equalizer, you may want ...

Shareware Size: 1.95MB
Automatic Boat Stereo Volume Control 1.0

... Stereo Volume Control toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find Automatic Boat Stereo Volume ... find all the discounted Automatic Boat Stereo Volume Control, you will need ... Automatic Boat Stereo Volume Control under $80.00, and Automatic Boat Stereo Volume Control ...

Freeware Size: 1.41MB
Stereo Space Expander 1.0.1

Use Stereo Space Expander to add stereo effect to music recorded in mono! Stereo Space Expander uses time domain filtering and delays in order to create a pseudo-stereo experience from music recorded in mono.

Freeware Size: 1.22MB
Musereo Mono to Stereo Converter

... multiple mono mp3/wma/wav files to stereo in just a few clicks, helping ... and dull. You can fine-tune the stereo width, harmonic richness, as well as balance ... earphone/headphone junkies. Using Musereo Mono to Stereo Converter, you simply add one or more ...

Shareware Size: 1.19MB
Gimpel3D 2D/3D Stereo Conversion Editor 2.0.1

Gimpel3D 2D/3D Stereo Conversion Software: Gimpel3D converts single images or ... . * - Real-time anaglyph stereo view provides immediate visual feedback. * - Objects and stereo settings can be animated ...

Freeware Size: 35.75MB
t@b ZS4 Video Editor for win32 0.958

t@b ZS4 is advanced multi-track video editing and compositing software with more than 150 built-in video effects including excellent color and chroma keying tools, distortion effects, color adjusters, pattern generating effects and many others. Effect ...

Freeware Size: 2.56MB
MSI 3D Stereo Drivers

For MSI VGA card with 3D Stereo Glasses Supported Models: G3Ti500 Pro-VTG(MS-8854)

Freeware Size: 3.09MB
Nvidia 3D Stereo 56.72

Download the latest Nvidia 3D Stereo 56.72 drivers.

Freeware Size: 3.89MB
Nvidia Stereo Control Panel - Nvidia WDM 2.03 44.03

The latest Nvidia 44.03 driver stereo control panel, to enable 3D glasses support

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Official Nvidia Detonator stereo 45.23

... Small-Form...   Official Nvidia Detonator 45.23 stereo driver driver description Download

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Stereo Mix Plus 2.0

Sound Card Emulator tools to fix no stereo mix problem on Vista/Windows 7 and record sounds. Also be Vista Audio Changer.

Shareware Size: 2.3MB
Musereo Stereo to Mono Converter

A simple, easy-to-use software that converts a batch of stereo mp3/wma/wav files to mono in just a few clicks. You can choose from 3 conversion methods: Mix channels, Keep left channel only and Keep right channel only.

Shareware Size: 1.19MB