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AKVIS Sketch 14.0

AKVIS Sketch is photo to sketch conversion software. It turns photos into pencil sketches and watercolor paintings. AKVIS Sketch ... to a photo editor. AKVIS Sketch has a neat interface ... website or an advertisement booklet. AKVIS Sketch comes very close to ...

Shareware Size: 40.81MB

AKVIS Coloriage 8.0

... your ideas about image colorization forever! AKVIS Coloriage manipulates colors of an image ... tones of the initial picture. Use AKVIS Coloriage for the following purposes: ... white photos; add color to hand sketch drawings (for example, manga drawings ...

Shareware Size: 22.79MB

AKVIS HDRFactory 3.5

... the production of fascinating HDR images. With AKVIS HDRFactory you can come very close to ... to remove these artifacts without a trace. AKVIS HDRFactory can imitate the HDR effect on ... saves you time. The program offers a number of ready-to-use presets.

Shareware Size: 27.63MB

AKVIS LightShop 4.0

... road appears in night scenery. AKVIS LightShop helps you create amazing ... reflections on water. AKVIS LightShop lets you create an infinite number of light ... can create the most extraordinary effects. AKVIS LightShop provides complete control over ...

Shareware Size: 28.68MB

AKVIS Magnifier 6.0

... images to high resolution with sophisticated algorithms. AKVIS Magnifier upscales digital images with advanced enlargement ... prints look sharper, clearer and better defined. AKVIS Magnifier goes in two editions: standalone application ...

Shareware Size: 22.59MB

AKVIS Retoucher 6.0

... scratches vanishing before your very eyes. AKVIS Retoucher is also a handy ... doing this quickly and efficiently. * Use AKVIS Retoucher for the following purposes: restore ... does not have space for cropping). AKVIS Retoucher is your reliable tool ...

Shareware Size: 28.79MB

AKVIS MultiBrush 7.0

... offers more flexibility and customization options. AKVIS MultiBrush makes the advanced healing ... There are many more tools in AKVIS MultiBrush to retouch and enhance portraits ... All pens and brushes found in AKVIS MultiBrush feature automatic adjustments to ...

Shareware Size: 32.66MB

AKVIS ArtWork 7.0

... with an artistic approach, the new AKVIS creative suite is a perfect virtual ... work of art in real time! AKVIS ArtWork offers these painting styles: Oil, ... images of architecture or nature scenes. AKVIS ArtWork is available in two versions - ...

Shareware Size: 63.91MB

AKVIS MakeUp 3.0

... to everyone! Just open a portrait with AKVIS MakeUp and click on the Run button ... the whole folder with the event shooting. AKVIS MakeUp can be useful to the fans ... a touch of glamour to the albums. AKVIS MakeUp is available in plugin and standalone ...

Shareware Size: 30MB

Sketch It! 3.1

... of individuals and professions. Teachers: Use Sketch It! to point out items of ... and other illustrative material. Students: Use Sketch It! to emphasize portions of your ... : Have a presentation coming up? Use Sketch It! to quickly and easily point ...

Freeware Size: 1.53MB

AKVIS ArtSuite 9.0

AKVIS ArtSuite is an impressing collection of versatile ... basic effects that allow creating an endless number of effect versions. The effects are grouped ...

Shareware Size: 61.8MB

Photo to Sketch Pro 4.0

... a sketch for your friend !! You can convert your photo to: Pen sketch; Pencil sketch; Pastel sketch; Brush sketch ... excellent sketch. What's new? The V4.0, You can Draw a amazing Animate Sketch with ...

Shareware Size: 1.06MB