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Rizone Pixel Repair

With this little tool, you can detect stuck or dead pixels and also repair stuck pixels. Many tools like this can be found all over the internet, but we could not find a tool with all the functions in one. So, we made one.

Freeware Size: 0.34MB
Pixel Curer

Pixel Curer 1.0.0 for Android

Free Size: 44KB
Dead Pixel Test

Dead Pixel Test 1.0 for Android

Free Size: 20KB
Bad pixels test

Bad pixels test 1.3 for Android

Free Size: 9KB
Pixel Rea 1.1

Ce logiciel permet de détecter et réparer les pixels mort en les stimulants sur leurs couleurs primaires. Pixel Réa permet aussi de détecter et réparer les zones brûlées des écrans plasma lcd ou led.

Freeware Size: 4.47MB
Dvana Dead Pixel Checker

A free utility from Dvana helps you find all the dead or broken pixels on your flat screen monitor. Each type of broken pixel is targeted, enabling you to find all defective pixels.

Freeware Size: 73KB
Pixeline & The Jungle Treasure

Pixeline & The Jungle Treasure 1.0.9 for Android

Paid Size: 36MB
The Pixel Repair DVD Free Screensaver 1.1

Keep your LCD or Plasma screen looking like it was the day your got it! With our DVD you can prevent burn-in and ghosting, repair dead pixels and even use our DVD to calibrate and adjust your screen settings so that you get the best picture possible.

Freeware Size: 29KB
Pixeline Jungle Treasure FREE

Pixeline Jungle Treasure FREE 1.0.9 for Android

Free Size: 26MB
Dead Pixel Detect

Dead Pixel Detect 1.0.0 for Android

Free Size: 12KB
Pixel Art Clock Widget Donate

Pixel Art Clock Widget Donate 2.5.1 for Android

Paid Size: 0.93MB
PixelWorld #1

PixelWorld #1 2.0.0 for Android

Free Size: 12MB