computer standard toolbar icons

Updated: Sep 23, 2015
Standard Toolbar Icons 2012.1

A collection of standard toolbar icons

Demo Size: 8.54MB
Program Toolbar Icons 2013.2

230 stock icons for application toolbars

Demo Size: 3.4MB
Vista Toolbar Icons 2011.2

Fine-looking stock icons in Vista style

Demo Size: 2.46MB
12x12 Free Toolbar Icons 2011.1

Impressing free set of toolbar icons

Freeware Size: 0.18MB
Fire Toolbar Icons 2011.1

Add some fire to your application toolbar!

Demo Size: 1.15MB
Perfect Hardware Icons 2011.1

An extensive selection of hardware icons

Demo Size: 3.11MB
24x24 Free Button Icons 2011.1

Impressing free set of application icons

Freeware Size: 0.94MB
24x24 Free Pixel Icons 2011.1

Impressing free set of pixel icons

Freeware Size: 1.79MB
16x16 Free Application Icons 2011.1

Impressive free set of application icons

Freeware Size: 0.83MB
Artistic Toolbar Icons 2012.1

A collection of catchy and original icons

Demo Size: 9.2MB
Desktop Business Icons 2012.2

Stock images for any business application

Demo Size: 7.89MB
Perfect Toolbar Icons 2013.2

Enhance software with Perfect Toolbar Icons

Shareware Size: 12.46MB
Aero Toolbar Icons for Windows 8 2012.1

Aero-style icons for Windows 8

Shareware Size: 3.23MB
Medical iPad and iPhone Icons 2012.1

250 medical icons for iOS developers

Shareware Size: 1.29MB
Colored Toolbar Icons for Word 2.0

Jazz up the Word workplace with this tool!

Shareware Size: 0.29MB
Finance Icons Vista 1.0

Finance Vista Icons for Accounting Software

Shareware Size: 11.12MB
Accounting Toolbar Icons 2015.1

Toolbar icons for accounting applications

Demo Size: 4.62MB
Database Toolbar Icons 2013.2

Sleek toolbar icons for database applications

Demo Size: 7.01MB
Business Toolbar Icons for Windows Phone 2011.1

Business png icons for Windows 8 and WP7

Shareware Size: 16.26MB
People Icons for Vista 2011.2

Icons depicting people and their occupations

Shareware Size: 13.37MB
Perfect Network Icons 2011.2

Collection of network-related icons

Shareware Size: 5.84MB
Standard Transport Icons 2012.1

Transport icons drawn in four angles

Demo Size: 7.93MB
Business App Tab Bar Icons 1.0

193 business icons for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Shareware Size: 12.68MB
Toolbar Icons for iPhone 2013.1

A fast way to design tab bars for iPhone

Shareware Size: 7.84MB
Stock Toolbar Icons 2011.1

A magic wand for software and Web designers

Demo Size: 1.48MB