communication icons

Updated: Sep 23, 2015
Perfect Blog Icons 2011.1

Perfect Blog Icons for blogs and forums

Demo Size: 2.04MB
Perfect Phone Icons 2011.6

A collection of royalty-free phone icons

Shareware Size: 8.29MB
Blog Icons for Vista 2012.1

Slick and modern icons for blogs and forums

Demo Size: 2.51MB
Perfect Website Icons 2011.1

Websiite Icons for web design and development

Demo Size: 1.98MB
Small Phone Icons 2011.1

Images related to telephony and communication

Demo Size: 3.77MB
Perfect Telecom Icons 2011.4

Ready-made Phone and Communication Icons

Shareware Size: 5.42MB
Messenger Icons for Vista 2011.1

A great set of Vista-style messenger icons!

Demo Size: 1.71MB
Standard Telephone Icons 2012.1

Standard Telephone Icons for your application

Demo Size: 6.88MB
Business Icons for Vista 2012.1

A set of business icons drawn in Vista style

Demo Size: 3.63MB
Standard Admin Icons 2011.1

Icons for system administration software

Demo Size: 0.99MB
Standard Infrastructure Icons 2012.1

Collection of urban infrastructure icons

Demo Size: 6.6MB
Standard Hand Icons 2011.1

A collection of high quality hand icons

Demo Size: 0.26MB
Cute Smile Icons 2011.1

A fine set of bright and cheerful smile icons

Demo Size: 1.48MB
Standard Smile Icons 2012.1

A fine set of bright and positive smile icons

Demo Size: 7.79MB
Free 3D Social Icons 2013.4

Have some fun with Free 3D Social Icons

Freeware Size: 22.79MB
Sport Icons 2011.1

A set of eye-catching sports icons

Demo Size: 0.68MB
Perfect Web Icons 2011.7

A set of web icons for your projects

Shareware Size: 12.72MB
All Perfect Icons 2012.1

A mega-pack of web 2.0 icons for developers

Demo Size: 54.85MB
Icons-Land Base Software Vector Icons 2.0

Vector Icons for Software, Web, Presentations

Demo Size: 6.33MB
Basic Icons for Vista 2012.1

A lot of stock icons crafted for Windows 7/8

Demo Size: 10.09MB
Health Care Icons 2011.3

Catchy healtcare-themed icons

Demo Size: 2.14MB
Stock Toolbar Icons 2011.1

A magic wand for software and Web designers

Demo Size: 1.48MB
Perfect Toolbar Icons 2013.2

Enhance software with Perfect Toolbar Icons

Shareware Size: 12.46MB
Transport Icons for Vista 2011.3

Icons for traveling, tourism and transport

Demo Size: 1.39MB
Standard Toolbar Icons 2012.1

A collection of standard toolbar icons

Demo Size: 8.54MB