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Grim Tales: The Bride 1

Grim Tales: The Bride After your sister vanishes on her wedding day no one has any idea what happened to her, so it's up to you to find the truth! Some believe she drowned, but her body was never found. Return to the abandoned family mansion and se

Freeware Size: 0.19MB
Tales of Symphonia WallPapers

Tales of Symphonia WallPapers 1.0 for Android

Free Size: 4.59MB
Chinese Tales and Fables

Chinese Tales and Fables is an illustrated e-book with Chinese art and enhanced with Chinese classical music. Each fable is a brief story, contained on a single page with an implied common-sense moral.

Shareware Size: 68.3MB
Coloring Book 8: Fairy Tales 4.22.05

Coloring book software from Dataware with characters and scenes from your favorite fairy tales! 50 pictures included with the complete version. Published by Dataware.

Shareware Size: 1.82MB

Documentales 1.3 for Android

Paid Size: 6.5MB
KneeBouncers Toddler Pack V1

KneeBouncers Toddler Pack V1 1.0.1 for Android

Paid Size: 3.29MB
Sticker Book 4: Fairy Tales 1.02.05

This fourth Sticker Book has electronic stickers and backgrounds from your favorite fairy tales – Beauty and the Beast, The Bremen Town Musicians, Cinderella, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Emperor's New Clothes, and many more.

Shareware Size: 4.97MB
Bounce Metronome 4.5

The bounce is wonderfully relaxing, and precise. Professional musicians are amazed by its advanced rhythm capabilities including all time signatures (even odd time), swing, polyrhythms, cycles, rudiments, notation like ♫ ♩ ♪♩. many rare rhythms.

Shareware Size: 9.76MB
eMail Bounce Handler 3.8.6

eMail Bounce Handler is a bounce e-mail filtering and handling tool that recognizes bounce e-mails using a customizable set of rules and extracts the recipients addresses allowing you to use them again to try sending your mail or to take them off.

Shareware Size: 3.17MB
Bounce Inspector Component for .NET 6.0

Quickly process and sort out bounced e-mails into categories with built-in S/MIME, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP

Shareware Size: 2.08MB
Soccer Bounce

Soccer Bounce 1.11 for Android

Free Size: 1.09MB
Ball, Bounce, Destroy!

Ball, Bounce, Destroy! 1.4 for Android

Paid Size: 0.95MB