SMD resistor code calculator

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Resistor Calculator 1.0.2

Calculate the color code of a resistor based on the resistor value (and the other way round). Display of closest resistor within the E series / Renard numbers. Another feature: calculation of required resistor value for LED circuits.

Freeware Size: 1.47MB
Resistor Color Coder 2

Determine resistor values from color bands or SMD markings. Works for both 4 and 5 band leaded-type resistors, as well as 3 and 4 digit Surface Mount Device codes, EIA-96 1% SMD codes and 2,5,10% SMD codes.

Freeware Size: 0.37MB
GCC - GeoCache Calculator

GCC - GeoCache Calculator 1.0.5 for Android

Free Size: 4.09MB
Atlence Resistor Viewer 3.3

Atlence Resistor Viewer allows electronics engineers to get the value and characteristics of a resistor from its color bands and vice versa. It can also be used to learn the resistor color code with the lesson and quiz included.

Freeware Size: 6.38MB
Resistor ID Pro Toolbox

Resistor ID Pro Toolbox 1.1.5 for Android

Paid Size: 0.18MB
555 Calculator

555 Calculator 1.7 for Android

Free Size: 80KB
Resistor Values 2.1

Resistor Values is an electrical engineering program that will calculate the value of a 4 band resistor.

Shareware Size: 0.66MB
Resistor Color Bands 4.0

Resistor Color Bands is a resistance calculator for displaying resistance color codes and values for all types of resistors.

Freeware Size: 1.56MB
Home Sellers Proceeds Calculator 2.1.2

MoneyToys(tm) Home Sellers Proceeds Calculator helps home sellers discover what the net gain will be after current mortgage(s) have been repayed and taxes, sales commissions and other closing costs involved in your sales transaction are accounted for

Commercial Size: 20KB
MoneyToys - Closing Costs Calculator 2.1.1

MoneyToys Closing Costs Calculator for web sites gives your visitors a user-friendly calculator which compares 4 different mortgage loans on your web site. Easily installed with a few lines of HTML, it can be configured to match your site's design.

Commercial Size: 26KB
Roofing Calculator

Roofing Calculator 2.1 for Android

Paid Size: 5.09MB
Landscaping Calculator Pro

Landscaping Calculator Pro 1.1 for Android

Paid Size: 0.2MB