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Guestbook Star 4.43

Guestbook Star sets up your online guestbook. Collect valuable user feedback and opinion. You can reply directly to the visitor or post a reply. Your visitors' opinion might benefit your business. CGI on your server or on WebGenie's.

Commercial Size: 1.48MB

Hyperlight 1.4.0 for Android

Paid Size: 26MB
Online Guestbook Pro 5.1

A comprehensive guestbook system based on the popular guestbook system EGuest. New features including Image Verification Code, Admin Interfaces, Theme, 250+ Emoticons, Advanced Search with Highlight, Auto Web/Email Links, IP/Word Ban, and much more.

Commercial Size: 0.3MB
Learning Perl

Learning Perl 1.2.10 for Android

Paid Size: 1.79MB
PHP Guestbook Script 1.1

It is fun to see people praise the hard work that you have put in for your website, or even get genuine critics which turn to be positive help for improvements

Commercial Size: 2.44MB
Webuzo for PHPKode Guestbook 1.0

PHPKode Guestbook is a simple yet powerful Free PHP guestbook script using Ajax.

Shareware Size: 237.35MB
Perl Pocket Reference

Perl Pocket Reference 1.2.10 for Android

Paid Size: 1.29MB
Webuzo for Advanced Guestbook 2.4.4

Advanced Guestbook is a PHP-based guestbook script

Shareware Size: 236.89MB
Webuzo for VX Guestbook 1.07

Allows you to add free guestbook to your site

Shareware Size: 236.58MB
Stunnix Perl Web Server 2.10

It allows to make from any Perl/PHP/MySQL/SQLite-based site a CDROM, which once put to tray, will run off CDROM and will open in a browser on Windows,MacOSX and Linux. It also allows to convert them into desktop applications with installer.

Shareware Size: 3MB

Superliga 2.7.1 for Android

Free Size: 0.38MB
Perl Pocket Reference

Perl Pocket Reference 1.2.10 for Android

Paid Size: 1.29MB