No settings. Current working file from all drives is backed up automatically and realtimely when you save your file or each 3 minutes. Also, It support scheduling backup and immediately all file backup function.

Most Backup devices at present require much configuration? It is not easy to quickly understand how to use them.

Imagine a hassle-free solution which automates every single step and stores what you care for?

Worried about secure backup in the external storages like USB flash memory, SSD, hard disks?

- OMG, my documents gone away! Haven’t I even saved them?

- Still using the Windows explorer to find recently saved documents?

If any of these is your experience, our new AFB-Portable[FileBackup-Portable] backup software is for you!

There is nothing what you do to backup working-file.

Just installation with serialkey, That’s all. Ready to go!

No Setting!

Don’t worry anything about backup!


Usage : Just installation with serialkey. That's all! All set.

- This does a realtime automatic backup of files from all drives attatched to your PC.

   (contains networkdrive,  USB-flash, USB-external harddisks, SSD,  SD-cards, etc..)

- No Setting! There is nothing what you do to backup working-file.

- Can view the previous, recent, and current backup file list and open it directly.

- File version management function included.

- Auto-save every 3 minute of current working file.

Backup Destination List :

Basic : Favorites, PowerPoint, MSword, Excel, Publisher, FileInfo, Onenote, Notepad, visio, project,

Wordpad, AcrobatWriter

Developer tools : Dreamweaver, Ultraedit, Editplus, Eclipse

 Designer tools : mspaint, Photoshop, Flash, Indesign, Illustrator, Picasa, Sketchup, AutoCAD

Manual Backup List by Poput-menu :

(However, the program should be installed in the default path and configuration.)

* Address and Data files of MSoffice-outlook, windows mail.

Download Alternative Download 1 Alternative Download 2

System Requirements:

Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP



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2011-11-26 08:02:05




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