Epox EP 8K20 Bios 1.18

Updated : 2010-07-01 16:04:38
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Platform : Windows /
Epox EP 8K20 Bios Screenshot

Support Athlon 2400+ & 2600+ (FSB266). Change DCLKI DCLKO item
value description. Fill AC97 Sub Vender Sub Device ID. Change AC97
item name. Solved Win98 can¡¦t shutdown in APM mode.
System hang when in `setup is starting Windows 2000` screen when
install windows 2000 and use ASUS v8420 + Promise TX2000 + Tekram
Turn off KB LED after Power OFF. Fix fan sensor to make system
crash issue if the FAN speed result overflow. Update AWDFLASH.EXE
version to V8.22A. Improved KM266 chipset DRAM compatibility.
Update Clock Control Setting for AMD recommendion. Support boot
from USB flash device.