Employees Net Spy

tools need to monitor and filter employee or student PC activity

Net Spy Pro is a software application by Retina-X Studios, LLC. This network monitoring software gives a supervisor or administrator the tools they need to monitor and filter employee or student PC activity. NSP also boasts unique remote control tools including the ability to FULLY control and use any PC all from the comfort of the admin's own workstation.

Net Spy Pro runs in total stealth and is hidden within the Application Task List in Task Manager. No icons or other traces of the software will be displayed on the desktop or start menu. The network administrator can connect and monitor any machine in total stealth.

Live Monitoring

Net Spy Pro allows you to check-in one, some or all users at once. This shows you whether they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. You can also watch keystrokes as they happen! These features allow you to effectively watch all users' actions in real time.

See below for a complete list of Net Spy Pro live monitoring functions:

View Real Time Screens, Events and Keystrokes!

Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to view an actual screenshot of one, some or all workstations instantly! You can even watch keystrokes and events as they happen! This is used for live surveillance to see if your network users are working or playing.

 View Browser Favorites

Net Spy Pro can show the administrator a list of the favorites on a user's Internet Explorer Browser. This shows the full list of favorites and includes any categories that the user may have created.

View Temporary Histories

Net Spy Pro will show you a list of all files in the temporary history (cache) of the Internet Explorer browser. This allows the administrator to check up on employee's activity from before they purchased NSP.


View Open Ports

Net Spy Pro allows an administrator to view all open ports on a workstation. This is useful for making sure that there are no outboun


System Requirements:

Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win98, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP



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2012-03-22 12:37:31


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