Cups Puzzle

Cups Puzzle game. Enjoy!!!

Cups Puzzle by SnakesXP.Aleksandr Anufriyev.

A Puzzle game has a set of 8 cups (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H), each having a different diameter and a board (BR) that has 3 zone-markers (Zone1, Zone2, Zone3) .

Before the game is started, the player must put the set of cups over the first zone-marker (Z1) with the largest diameter cups on the top

and the smallest diameter cups on the bottom.

After the game has started , the player must move all the cups from the first zone-marker (Z1) to the last zone-marker(Z3).

The player can put cups over any zone-marker( Z1, Z2, Z3).

No cup shall be placed on a top of another cup having a larger diameter.

Notice: in the Combination room the player must move all the cups to the last zone-marker(Z3) .

To get in the Combination room use the Right Arrow on your keyboard.

To get in the SetUp room use the Left Arrow on your keyboard.

In the SetUp room you can click the left mouse button on the cup to set it on the first zone.

You can remove this cup by making the right button click.

After the game start :

Clicking on the Zone-Marker will lift-up the cup.

Another click on the Zone-Marker will put the cup down.

Use ENTER to restart the current room.

To solve 3 cups puzzle => 7 moves ( 14 clicks)

To solve 4 cups puzzle => 15 moves ( 30 clicks)

To solve 5 cups puzzle => 31 moves ( 62 clicks)

To solve 6 cups puzzle => 63 moves ( 126 clicks)

To solve 7 cups puzzle => 127 moves ( 254 clicks)

To solve 8 cups puzzle => 255 moves ( 510 clicks)


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