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Conversion between bytes and its multiples. With this software you can convert between byte and its multiples. Measures convertible - Byte (B) - kilobytes (KB) - megabytes (MB) - Gigabyte (GB) - Terabyte (TB)

Conversion between bytes and its multiples

With this small software you can convert between byte and its multiples.

There are five possible convertible measures:

- Byte (B)

- Kilobytes (KB)

- Megabyte (MB)

- Gigabyte (GB),

- Terabyte (TB)

This program is useful both in mathematical and computing.

The Byte and its multiples are units of information or the amount of data in computer and are used to measure both the capacity of disks and memory, both the size of files and folders.

Very convenient is the simultaneous conversion of all five options: it is sufficient to complete the starting field, which can be either one of five possible options, to complete all fields of different multiples.

We have implemented a real-time monitoring for errors in filling in the fields.

The software is a stand-alone that is not necessary to install and also, thanks to its small size, it is possible its use on a portable mass storage device like a USB stick.

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System Requirements:

WinXP, WinVista, Win7 x32



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2010-08-31 14:57:18


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