Club Raffle

Club Raffle is a random number generator with graphic animation to add life to your club's fund raising activities. Perfect for random drawing using Member Names, Raffle Ticket numbers or running a Reverse Raffle.

Club Raffle has been designed to provide clubs, pubs, bars, churches, schools and member based organisations the ability to modernise and simplify fundraising activities. The application will run a random ticket draw in the form of a Members Draw, a traditional Raffle or Reverse Raffle format. Load it onto your PC or notebook, plug in your projector or other big screen and run a professional and fun raffle for your members and raise funds at the same time.

The application is available for FREE and you have complete control over the setup of each type of draw, that is to say the FREE version is not crippleware .. it is fully functional. When I created this application I was unable to find a suitable program on the web and those that I did find were basically 'crippleware' ... The only limitation in the FREE version is limited themes and no ability to promote sponsors during your draw.

Club Raffle currently has 2 FREE themes available being Halloween and a Rainbow theme. More themes and advertising options are available with the professional version.


System Requirements:

WinVista, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Other



Last updated:

2016-03-16 20:23:46


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