Latest Active X downloads

Modem Master ActiveX Component 1.2.7800

Powerful COM Port wrapper Active-X

Shareware Size: 52KB
VintaSoft Twain ActiveX

Control TWAIN scanner from your application.

Demo Size: 1.27MB
Virtual Serial Port Control 3.4.9

Powerful Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control

Shareware Size: 9.84MB
MstGrid ActiveX Control 3.8.6

MstGrid is a professional grid control.

Shareware Size: 2.15MB
wodFTPServer 3.3.6

wodFTPServer is server an ActiveX Component

Shareware Size: 5.24MB
wodFtpDLX 3.5.3

Secure FTP client ActiveX component

Shareware Size: 4.86MB
wodCrypt 2.2.4

component that provides strong encryption

Shareware Size: 4.25MB
wodXMPP 1.5.5

Client ActiveX for XMPP/Jabber protocol

Shareware Size: 4.7MB
wodSmtpServer 2.6.0

SMTP Server ActiveX component

Shareware Size: 3.89MB
wodWebServer 1.6.4

wodWebServer ActiveX component

Shareware Size: 4.06MB
wodTelnetDLX 2.5.6

wodTelnetDLX is a telnet client component

Shareware Size: 4.36MB
wodSSHTunnel 1.9.2

wodSSHTunnel ActiveX component

Shareware Size: 4.25MB
wodSSHServer 2.5.3

SSH Server ActiveX component

Shareware Size: 3.11MB
wodSSH 3.0.8

wodSSH ActiveX component

Shareware Size: 3.51MB
wodSmtp 1.6.4

wodSmtp is SMTP ActiveX client component

Shareware Size: 3.83MB
wodSFTP 3.8.3

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) client

Shareware Size: 3.72MB
wodPop3 1.4.7

wodPop3 is POP3 client ActiveX component

Shareware Size: 3.71MB
Edraw Office Viewer Component

Embeding and Displaying MS Office

Shareware Size: 5.78MB
Edraw Viewer Component for Excel

Embedding MS Excel Easily

Shareware Size: 3.67MB
Edraw Viewer Component for MS Word

Embedding MS Word Easily

Shareware Size: 5.62MB
FlexCell Grid Control for ActiveX 6.3.3

FlexCell is an easy to use grid control.

Shareware Size: 2.44MB
FlowChartX control 4.9.2

Flowcharting and diagramming ActiveX control.

Commercial Size: 6.92MB
DEWizardX - ETL ActiveX

ActiveX to transfer data between databases

Shareware Size: 4.28MB
Wireless Communication Library COM Edition

Bluetooth, IrDA and Wiiremote support for VB6

Shareware Size: 1.03MB
wodHttpDLX 1.9.0

wodHttpDLX is a HTTP client ActiveX control

Shareware Size: 4.74MB