Latest Desktop Enhancements downloads

Business iPhone Icons 2014.1

686 business icons for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Shareware Size: 9.68MB
Tab Bar iOS Icons 2013.1

Actual tab bar icons for iOS development

Shareware Size: 3.98MB
Calendar-7 2.21

A Gregorian calendar for desktop.

Freeware Size: 10.06MB
Large Shop Icons 2013.1

Icons for shop-management software

Demo Size: 9.03MB
Large Symbol Icons 2013.2

Popular stock icons for standard apps symbols

Shareware Size: 11.19MB
Toolbar Icons for iPhone 2013.1

A fast way to design tab bars for iPhone

Shareware Size: 7.84MB
Retina App Tab Bar Icons 2013.2

An easy way to design tab bars for iPhone

Shareware Size: 2.62MB
Large Factory Icons 2013.2

Stock Factory Icons and clipart

Demo Size: 7.98MB
Large PNG Icons 2013.2

Large PNG Icons for software and Web design

Demo Size: 7.37MB
Free Large Business Icons 2013.2

A great free solution for your business

Freeware Size: 24.46MB
Large Black Icons 2013.2

The most versatile icon set of large icons

Demo Size: 6.86MB
Cockroach on Desktop 1.2

This software creates cockroaches on desktop.

Freeware Size: 2.72MB
3-D Wallpaper PRO 1.1.2014.25

3-D Automatic Desktop Wallpaper Changer

Shareware Size: 13.88MB
Star Wallpaper for Mac 2.6

update your desktop background image daily

Freeware Size: 0.62MB
Ladybug on Desktop 1.2

This software creates ladybugs on desktop.

Freeware Size: 1MB
VeBest Icon Groups 2.0.5

Desktop icons management software

Freeware Size: 10.63MB
Quick Access Bar 1.6.0

Quick access bar on top of desktop.

Freeware Size: 0.68MB
Two-Click Reminder 2014.4

Two-Click Reminder creates quick reminders.

Shareware Size: 3.14MB
Fly on Desktop 1.5

The most realistic fly for your desktop!

Freeware Size: 0.81MB
Flickr Screen Saver 3.0.0

Flickr Screen Saver

Freeware Size: 10.21MB
Free Desktop Timer 1.2

Easy to use timer for your desktop.

Freeware Size: 0.77MB
Free Photo Frame 1.1

Frame your own photos with your desktop.

Freeware Size: 5.81MB
Logon Screen 3.01

Change the appearance of your logon screen

Freeware Size: 3.52MB
Large Calendar Icons 2013.2

Calendar icons with time and date icons

Demo Size: 12.51MB
Large Buffet Icons 2013.1

Stock images of food, drinks and snacks

Demo Size: 7.62MB