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Wild boar (wild pig, wild aper, wild hog) is non-ruminants animals. Body of boar length reaches 2m. Height at the withers - 1m. Adult boar weighs about 300 kg.
During feeding boars are not alert and issued a lot of noise. Focusing on the sounds of noise, crunch, champ, a photographer approaching feasting herd. Approach should be only against the wind. Clothing and footwear photographer should be comfortable, light and soft, was published with a minimum of motion noise.
The fact that wild boars are approaching, can be judged by cod branches, and the noise they create when moving. Before enter the field, the animals calm down and listen for a long time and smells, loud sucking in air.
A photographer at this time should use caution. Did not suspect anything, wild boars out on the field. A photographer just only choose a Wild boar and just hit her. Photographer only choose just liked wild hog and take his picture for shoot.