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AWSPS features a very comprehensive set of tools, some of them unique, for in-depth assessment of Network Security, namely 2 TCP port scanners, 1 UDP port scanner, 1 NetBIOS scanner, comprehensive Local Host and LAN information and much more.

AWSPS features a very comprehensive set of tools, some of them

unique, for in-depth assessment of Network Security:

* High-speed TCP Connect scanning engine, with adjustable maximum

number of simultaneously opened ports and no-connection time-out


* High-speed TCP Syn scanning engine for Windows 2000 platforms with

TCP/IP and ICMP packet capture, report on Open/Retransmits, Close,

Filtered ports, ICMP packet decoding and much more.

* Fast reliable UDP Port scanner with intelligent test probing of

ports to confirm whether the host is up.

* State-of-the-art NetBIOS scanner (AWSPS Professional only).

* Unique Mapping of Ports to applications feature (Ports Finder).

* Local Connections and Listening Ports instant report.

* Local TCP, UDP and ICMP statistics instant report.

* Local Active Routes, DNS Servers and Persistent Routes.

* Local IP Statistics/Settings instant report.

* Local Transport Protocols/Winsock Service Providers list and


* Local Addressing information table.

* Local Net to media information table.

* Local Interfaces Statistics/Settings instant report.

* Local Network related Local Registry settings.

* Comprehensive Local Area Network information, including NetBIOS

Names, LANA, Shares, Security Information, Groups/Users and running


* The most complete TCP/UDP ports database.

* Full-featured Time synchronyzer according to SNTP (RFC 1769), TIME

TCP (RFC 868) and TIME UDP (RFC 868).

* Advanced easy-to-use NSLookUp.

* Ping with every conceivable feature, including LSRR and SSRR.

* Complete and easy-to-use Finger.

* Mail Abuse Blacklists client.

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System Requirements:

Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP



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2010-05-06 05:23:01


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