The Book of Shadows 1.8.6

Updated : 2015-08-02 21:22:20
Size : 21MB
Platform : Android

This is a real Book of Shadows Journal for Pagans, not some force fed spell book made by someone else. Only YOUR spells, herbs, etc. Any general Ancient Esoteric info that is important to YOU is what is in this book, because YOU will put it in! It is fully personal & customizable like a digital Book of Shadows should be.

*** ATTENTION: Please post any bugs or crashes in the tech support boards, they will be handled IMMEDIATELY. (The app is updated monthly so stick with it! With this app you are covered on constant updates)

The Book of Shadows for Droid consists of 3 main parts:

1st: Private Mode, your own personal digital pagan journal.

2nd: Public Mode, an online mini Book of Shadows social network.

3rd: The Book Gallery which is a very powerful photo gallery tool to mix with your pages and have the ultimate pagan book experience.

Feature Details:

• Read/write pages to your own mobile Pagan journal

• Customize the book with very detailed custom themes & fonts

• Add as many pages as your phone can hold & save to SD card, then categorize each page to keep things organized You can easily make any section you see fit example: Herbs, Crystals, Spells, Charms, Runes etc. Its your choice, its your book!

• Private Book Gallery - Uses 3D Graphics card to stream images from your facebook, picasa, flickr, or the phone directories you choose

• Public Book Gallery - Allows you to post any photos from your phone to the online book of shadows network

• Custom wallpapers you can set, to match the App

• Share your book pages on facebook, email, twitter etc

• Works with both landscape & portrait orientation

• Custom Themes for the Book Gallery

• Book Gallery Live wallpaper

• Shortcuts to pages on your home screen

• Save to SD card, open from SD card

• Plugins that add new features to the app, without using a separate app - voice, encryption & extra themes pack are available

• Online public mode that allows you to backup your pages online or contribute to the community of pagans & spiritualists that are using the app on multiple platforms. Chat with other book users, backup pages & photos online, & contribute to the online Book of Shadows.

*USERS WITH NO UNLIMITED PLAN: Those who do not have an unlimited plan should avoid streaming your photos from the web, when using the book gallery. When using the Public Book it will not drain your minutes unless using it. Each post to the Public Book will use your internet, but not constantly or in the background.

Many more BIG FEATURES coming in time & as you request them in the Request boards!

If you need help, Refer to the website: tech support boards from the app, or
email: for more details.

***Please post any bugs in the tech support boards through the app, they will be handled immediately.


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