SMS Watcher Pro 1.0

Updated : 2011-09-21 22:00:48
Size : 88KB
Platform : Android 2.1 and up


SMS Watcher Pro is a parental control application. It is great for monitoring your children SMS usage and activities. With so many unsavory characters in cyberspace, you just can not be too careful for their safety.

~ Features ~
* Invisible, is not located at the launcher!
* Contacts lookup, finds the name of the incoming number and sends you both the name and number of the sender.
* Dual protection - Magic Word and Application Password.
* Quick and efficient.
* Customizable Magic Word & Password - You can change your magic word and password for secure usage.

~ Instructions ~
1. Download and install the application in the target mobile.
2. Send a SMS to the target mobile with the factory magic word 'SMS Watcher Pro'.
3. During the first time usage enter your application password.
4. Enter the 'Forward List' phone numbers.
5. Enter the 'White List' phone numbers (Optional).
6. Save the changes

Note: The SMS containing the magic word is stored in the inbox delete it after making any changes to the application.

DISCLAIMER: Not for illegal use. Not for spying. Accessing mobile device without permission is illegal in most jurisdictions.

Compared to: PassItForward, SMS Forwarder

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