Digital Weight Scale 3.8

Updated : 2011-09-21 18:45:22
Size : 0.45MB
Platform : Android 2.0 and up

Digital Weight Scale
This is a gag app!
Use your phone or tablet as a digital scale! Press against the touch screen to measure pressure. LCD behaviour is just like a real scale! Press harder and with more surface area (like a thumb, palm of your hand, or multiple fingers) and see the difference in weight on the screen!
Enter a secret weight via the menu and you can use this app to 'weigh' anything. Press the WEIGH button and your Android device will 'weight' the item with realistic LCD behaviour. Fool your friends!!

★ Move to SD card on Android 2.0 or higher.
★ Supports both ounces and grams (change via menu).
★ Compatible with Tables and Android 3 - Honeycomb!
★ Multitouch support!

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