Abit Mainboard NF7/NF7-S/NF7-M BIOS Version 2.3

Abit Mainboard NF7/NF7-S/NF7-M BIOS Version 2.3 for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Abit Mainboard NF7/NF7-S/NF7-M BIOS Version 2.3.Please use AWDFLASH 8.23D or later to update NF7 series BIOS. With incorrect AWDFLASH version, the GUID will be erased, and leads to IEEE1394 peer to peer function failed. AWDFLASH 8.23K is included in this BIOS package.Fixed the issue that Duron 1.2G and 1.3G will not boot using BIOS version 22.Add nVidia System Utility support.Please download the nvsuoem.ini file and install nVidia System Utility with this ini file (put the ini file in the directory where the setup up file for nVidia System Utility is located).Enhanced compatibility with certain WD hard disk.BIOS compile date: 11/28/2003.. Do use the latest driver version available, it will help you use the facilities of your hardware easier and better. An old version can create hardware conflicts and errors in function. Try to stay updated with your drivers monthly or sometimes weekly. Chose wisely the specific drivers: motherboards driver, bios, graphic cards drivers, modem drivers and so on. Chose the right driver for your hardware and try to make backups of your system every time you want to make a change.


System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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2010-07-02 15:55:54




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