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Free Brand new Software With Master Reseller Rights Helpful to all developers

while you read a books, browse the internet you found a lot of useful pieces of code snippets which can be reused in your applications. Here comes the AS Code Warehouse

AS Code Warehouse is a free hierachical source code snippet database, various programming languages.It is one of the most extensive professional source code snippets manager for software developers. It allows you to manage your own code and provides a full-featured standalone Code Manager.


Helpful to all developers

Every developer will benefit from using AS Code Warehouse.

Manage Your Knowledge

You can even use AS Code Warehouse to store your own code in one centralized location. No more rewriting code, or digging through old projects to find it, it's all in one place!.

manage code

you can manage your code Easily. you can find, organize and edit your code. The AS Code Warehouse is a complete code and knowledge management solution for developers.

Use the as Code warehouse to:

View, edit, and delete existing code items.

Add new code items and code databases.

Export code to a file or to the clipboard or print it.

Enhanced Code Display

Code is now displayed in a much richer interface, with collapsible regions and syntax highlighting for HTML, javascript, ASP.NET code and etc.


System Requirements:

WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64



Last updated:

2011-11-14 06:47:48


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